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About Us

Tennessee Coaching Hub, Tennessee Coaching LLC, Jackson TN


About the Founder

My name is Corky

Yes, it is my real name

In my journey, both professionally and personally, I've engaged in numerous trainings, webinars, seminars, workshops, and courses. Immersed in books covering leadership, teamwork, growth, process, organization, and efficiency, each session leaves me feeling motivated, empowered, and ready to take on the world. It's a familiar feeling, one I'm sure many of you share.

Yet, amidst this inspiration, I've come to realize that the groundbreaking solutions often don't seamlessly align with our day-to-day business challenges. We find ourselves navigating through the fluff, searching for relevant content, only to discover that real-world circumstances are frequently overlooked in the examples provided. It's a familiar struggle — the choice between dedicating time to formulate a strategy and ensuring its correct implementation or managing the daily challenges of keeping the business afloat, because, let's face it, they never stop.

This realization became the catalyst for Tennessee CoachingHub. Leveraging a wealth of experience in various leadership roles, I recognized the need for a different approach — one that doesn't just offer solutions but tailors them to the unique intricacies of each business.

At Tennessee CoachingHub, we understand that your business operations are often intertwined in ways that are difficult to explain. Our commitment goes beyond offering generic advice; we take the time to sit down with each team member, intricately understanding your processes. If requested, we can even document them, providing a valuable reference for training and internal purposes.



Our Pledge

Tennessee Coaching Hub, Tennessee Coaching LLC, Jackson TN

We pledge to deliver information and strategies that cut through the noise, providing you with efficient and effective solutions for your business and leadership needs. Let's embark on this journey together, where every piece of advice is geared towards real, tangible results. Your success is our commitment.

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